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Randy Johnson

Looks good. I'll have to pick it up. I still have the last one to read(smack me on the back of the head for not getting to it), but they'll both go on the front burner. I see you also have a Criminal Minds coming.

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks, Randy, hope you like 'em.  The Criminal Minds book is nonfiction.  I'd love to write a novel about those characters, now that I've watched and studied every episode in depth, but my pal Max Allan Collins seems to have that gig wrapped up.

Randy Johnson

I'll get the Criminal Minds anyway. Mr. Collins hadn't put one out in a while, so I thought maybe he'd moved on to other things.


You, Mr. Mariotte, should be very proud of yourself! Amongst all the other achievements in your life, you are one of three authores that Al will read.

Jeff Mariotte

That's a wonderful compliment, Lisa! Thanks for sharing it.

Denis T.

It will soungs stupidly but... can you send me the book or a plot of this book? I'm learning English and I think why I can't do it with a pleasure. Of course, I'd like to get the plot by my own motives. I'm a beginner writer and I want to see a structure of novel, for example, how you interweave two crimelines in monolith story. Any way, I'll can't use it as is 'cause you and me are living in different countries, speaking in different laguages, having different culture, including methods of the crime investigation. So, if you'll be plesure then I'll be very, very glad. I can't believe that Star Trek author can be bad writer to learning English.

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