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Randy Johnson

Olbermann was tough to listen to, but I sympathized. I saw one of my sister's go through such years ago when she was battling breast cancer. She beat it back time and again until it got to much for her. She left us one week shy of her fifty-first birthday. If she had not had pretty good insurance from her job, I don't know how she would have made it as long as she did. Heaven knows what it would cost these days.

At my age, sixty, with health problems of my own and living alone with no children, I've had that conversation with my other sister, who I've given medical authority, as to what I want done when the time comes. Spelled it out clearly. Years ago, I set up, and paid for ahead of time, final arrangements for disposition with the local funeral home so that would not be something they would have to think about at the time.

The whole thing, living will and all, has been done. More people should do that, but they don't. People don't like to talk about death.

Jeff Mariotte

It is very hard to talk about, and I'm glad you had the courage to do it, Randy.

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