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Mary Hart Frost

Thank you, Jeff, for that story of a brave marine that I did not know about. Also, for reminding me that Camp Pendleton has protected a beautiful coastal area from development. It is good to be reminded that there are good things going on with one of our military bases. Travis is still in the Texas Army National Guard but only as a "weekend soldier" now. We are thankful to have him home from his two tours of duty in Iraq. He is living in his house in Kileen with Tonya and little Aiden and her other son, Tyler. He is being treated at the Ft. Hood hospital for PTSD. Thank goodness this is a recognized injury of war now and that treatment is available. He is our hero and I continue to pray for him every day as I did when he was in Iraq. There are so many of our troops who will dealing with the horrors of this war for many years to come. The flag is flying at Pleasure Hill in honor of them all. With Love, Aunt MaryHart

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