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Nic aka Princess of Darkness

aww poor dog. Wish I could offer him a home. But yeah like you said it looks like he seems to think you are his new home. We have three dogs too and yes they are already a handful. Just find someone awesome to give him a home. But just have to say it, it's awesome that you keep him for now. Poor thing who knows what he as experienced. And I dont know how someone can be so cruel to abandon a dog. :(

Jeff Mariotte

I don't understand that either, Nic. If you're someone who would abandon (or otherwise mistreat) a dog, then you have no business having a dog in the first place. And why would you want one, if you think so little of them that you would abuse them like that?

Nancy Holder

Three dogs are plenty. But a dog who will stay in the corral while everyone else sneaks out to party...that dog is a keeper, Jeff.

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