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MaryHart Frost

I really like the last line of your posting: "You don’t need to live in the country to understand that reality is always more complicated than the simple stories. It doesn’t hurt—but it’s not required. What is required is opening your eyes to that truth, and being willing to look deeper, to pull aside the screen of simplicity." (Note that I changed leave to live for your typo.) I especially like your phrase "to pull aside the screen of simplicity." That takes time and thought and most people are not willing to do that. Maryelizabeth's grandfather and great-grandfather were great writers and storytellers and I will share some of the things they wrote with you when you are here in June.
Happy New Year and Love to all, Granny<3

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks for the comment, and for noting the typo! That's what I get for trying to squeeze a post in before dinner...

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