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Brilliant stuff, man! What you have to say is really important and I am glad you took the time to share it. What you said really spoke to me and I hope that I can learn more about this. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I am yet to find anything as enlightening as this on the web.

Tony Isabella

Meanwhile, here in Ohio, we're facing total GOP control of the state. The GOP majority has rejected all of the outgoing governor's appointments. Our new governor, a former Lehman Brothers executive who still won't reveal how much money he made while there, is attacking police, firefighters, teachers, and virtually all labor unions while saying Ohio has an open door policy for lobbyists. We're going to lose two Congressmen due to population loss and the GOP will be redistricting the state to make it difficult for Democrats to get elected. Oh, yeah, and despite overwhelming public supporter for rail travel, the incoming governor killed the federal money Ohio was going to get. The state will have to pay back the $25 million it already received and spent.

Jeff Mariotte

I heard about the high-speed rail disaster. I'm no economist (though I took economics in college), but it seems obvious to me that such a project not only creates jobs in the here and now, but the money from those jobs flows through the local economy, as those people buy goods and services and contribute to the tax base.  And it builds jobs and industry and worker flexibility and has all sorts of long-term good effects in the long run. And the money, or a big chunk of it, was already appropriated. So what's the downside? And why doesn't a governor have to take the needs of his state into account?

We also have a far-right governor and legislature, and we're gaining a congressional seat, which they will no doubt try to gerrymander into something favorable for their side.

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