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Hey Jeff, Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. I wish we could have gotten the single payer system or public option included too. I know the Republicans or Tea Baggers say, "I don't want some government bureaucrat making medical decisions for me". OH? But you don't mind some money-grubbing HMO bureaucrat with a checklist of approved procedures in front of him/her, making medical decisions for you? It makes little sense.
My sister is fighting her insurance company for a much needed brain operation. They are standing on the "pre-existing" condition platform because a nose surgery 25 years ago loosened the piece of bone Dr's now need to remove. This is so abusive and is exactly what we are all stuck with until the new changes can take effect.
While the health care bill was one big lie, there were still so many told to voters, especially those living in Arizona. I just don't understand how the Fox watchers can be so ignorant about the media the consume? And now, since the recent voting proves what dummies we have living among us, I have lost all hope for any real change again. I will vote, but I have little hope and that makes me sad.
Thanks for your shared insight. Keep up the good work!

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