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Even though Senator Kerry has no credibility with me I read the speech. My first thought was, so what are you doing Senator Kerry? I mean he is a sitting US Senator.
My second thought is that China still is not the Paradise that everyone makes it out to be...


President Obama is planning to refocus attention on China's record of suppressing free speech and political freedom in the coming weeks, despite the risk of further destabilizing an important relationship after a contentious year.

Europe is currently having some "debt" problems....

The speech though will fall on deaf ears. Look at the issues that we are discussing. We are not talking about any of the issues he brings up. We are focused on a lot of "me" issues rather than "us" issues. What is in it for me?

Education is the lifeblood of nation. I strongly believe that. I believe that Education starts at home with committed parents. A strong family. In some cases a strong parent. I believe that we started having problems when we decided to push on education roles that should be left to parents.

Our congress has out of control spending and they are spending it on the wrong things. Lets bring our soldiers home. I disagree with Senator Kerry on earmarks. Lets make sure that we are spending our tax dollars wisely and remember it is not free money, it is our money. I hate the current Congressional trend, every current problem requires a commission, that sets up another agency, more people, bigger budgets, and of course more spending. I blame both sides of the aisle. Part of my cynicism on Congress and the Federal government is that we have the "Same problems" every election and it all about the power. So I guess I agree with that part of Senator Kerry's Speech. But I still see him as one of the 535 problems we currently have in Congress. I think I reflect a lot of people on that cynicism. I am educated enough to know that we the people are the government also. I think we need to decide if we want "me" or "us" issues.


By the way I started reading Congresswoman's Giffords entries in the Congressional record. I like the Bill that she introduced on cutting Congressional salaries. Don't faint or anything. I am just saying it would be a good gesture to the American people.

Jeff Mariotte

Senator Kerry isn't saying that China is a paradise (or anyone is saying that)--just that they've got a booming economy and they're on the brink of buying up too much of our country, locking up too many resources, and generally having their way in the world, because we've been busy with silly partisan squabbling instead of seriously discussing the problems we face and working out real solutions to them. I think he's agreeing with you--we need to stop talking about what's good for "me" and focus on what's good for "us," and he sees us going the other way and he doesn't like it.

You're right, the government is "we the people," and that's why I don't understand anti-government attitudes. We sent them to Washington. We can bring them home again. There's too much money involved these days, which gives the rich, the lobbyists, and the corporations too much power over who goes and who doesn't. But in the end it's still our votes that determine who goes there and who doesn't. I don't particularly like either of our Senators--they understand that it's Maricopa County conservatives electing them, and have little interest in what I say. Every communication I make to them is answered with a form letter describing what I already know is their official stand, never actually addressing my concerns or questions. (On the other hand, years ago, long before his presidential run, I saw John Kerry give a 45-minute talk, without a single note, full of facts and figures and information about energy issues and the necessity of moving away from foreign sources of oil. It was an impressive performance--he is one smart cookie.) But on the House of Representatives level, each rep is only representing about 700,000 people (and the number of active voters is much, much lower) so an individual can get a representative's personal attention, to at least discuss and debate an issue.

We send them there, and the people who do the real work, the staffs and the bureaucrats at levels exalted and lowly, are just ourselves and our neighbors working at their jobs. They try hard, and they're there to make government responsive to we the people.

And yeah, I doubt that bill made Gabby popular with some of her colleagues, but you have to respect her reasoning for it. If the American people are struggling, Congress should kick a little more of their own income into the community bucket.

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