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1. The Bush years were 8 years of Hell for some. It is pretty Naive to say that Bush Lied in his state of the union speech. He was using the information being given to him by his intelligence agencies, and I would say advisors. Hindsight, time and investigation has brought out some of the conclusions that you referred and folks can draw their own conclusions. But I think that the night of his State of the Union Speech President Bush believed that things written for him were the truth. Enough said on that.
2. I can only hope that the People that are currently serving President Obama are feeding him the facts that will enable him to say the things that will set the Agenda for serving the American People. If a President is not receiving good information then he will not set the proper agenda.

No president writes his own speech.
So the onus on the President is to work with his speech writers to make sure all the facts our checked.

My Point here is that I have to confidence that is happening. I can't assume that every time that President Obama speaks that he is going to "lie" to me. I am trying my hardest as a conservative person to not think of government as evil. That is my point. I will watch the speech and hope.


How much should we be paying in taxes? 100% Why do we have this thing where we have to punish successful people. I grew up "poor" but I pulled myself up and can take care of myself. I willing to help the poor but that is a small portion of what the federal budget is...
The debt crisis is an entitlement crisis. We have ballooned our debt by adding too many "entitlements" to the budget.
We have in the defense budget the I need the next big toy mentality. We could starve several of those things and I would be very happy.
We could end wars today I would be happy.
We need to stop spending before we increase any revenue.
The Businesses are sitting on cash because Congress has not been doing their job. What are the tax rates going to be? What are my health costs going to be? We need to reform the Federal Worker system because their retirement is going to destroy us.
The "selfish" Baby Boomers, the greediest generation we have ever had, is going to destroy our budget. Soon I will be supporting 2 people....My kids may have to 1 to 1 level but by that time we will have to have a 100 percent tax rate because "huge" government thing. Especially since Hearkening back to Senator Kerry's speech we are not even paying for road repairs. No it is much more important for me to fund some Senior Citizens Viagra.
I am being a bit dramatic but the point is that we are going to have to sit down and balance the budget. I refuse to even think about raising taxes until we get non essential programs eliminated and government intrusion out of our lives.

We need to have people develop more of sense that it is their responsibility to rise above their circumstances. We do not need more bread and circus's to keep the people happy.

Jeff Mariotte

In the case of those Bush comments on Iraq, time has pretty much shown that the administration was well aware at the time that those things were not true, but that the administration itself was manipulating/massaging the intel it was getting in order to create a narrative allowing it to carry out a war it wanted from the first days after 9/11 (if not earlier). I know we should try to think well of our elected leaders, but in that case I believe we were intentionally steered wrong, and lives were lost as a consequence.

I too hope that President Obama sticks to the truth in his speech. My fear is that presidents reach a point where they can't tell us what they know, for reasons of classification, national security, or whatever, and instead tell us what they can, even if it's not strictly true. I'd like to think that O
bama will avoid that trap, but only history will tell.


I have never been to Tea Party Event. Don't care about who started it, etc.
Cutting Defense
If I was in charge the first thing I would do follow Secretary Gates recommendations a few weeks ago. One of the best ideas I heard from that is having a "BRAC" on Weapons systems.
Then I would hear your idea...We would compromise...we would balance the budget.
In the state budget...the 98 folks that we promised that we the people would fund their lifesaving transplant well we may have to find a way to pay for that....etc
The problem with Arizona is that in our state government the middle ground is just not there.


Last one then I am doing dishes...
This looks like a good site
Arizona state budget for FY 2011 is $8.5 billion dollars and was approved in a special legislative session in March 2010.
In July 2010, the Legislative Budget Committee's staff projected on July 29, 2010, that the $8.5 billion budget has a shortfall ranging from zero to $1 billion, which is down from the previous projected range of up to $1.2 billion.

We increased taxes last year...
5.6% to 6.6% for the next three years.

Since 2008, approximately one third of Arizona's previous revenue has disappeared, resulting in $4.4 billion in spending cuts and the layoff of 2,000 state workers.[3] The state faced a $2 billion gap between projected spending and tax collections for FY2011. To address the gap and resulting budget cuts, the voters

That revenue reduction was less sales taxes because we were spending less.

We have also lost revenue from income tax cuts

We were also impacted by less Federal revenue.

So that tells me break out the scissors

The Federal Budget since 2006 has been controlled by the democrats by the way.
Federal Funds

The federal jobs and education stimulus bill included only $236 million in new Medicaid dollars for Arizona, which is short of the nearly $400 million necessary just to keep the program running through the end of FY2011.[13] "We'd be better off not to take the stimulus," said Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa. Pearce, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, said the state could achieve even greater savings if it were freed from all the federal constraints.[13]

When balancing the FY20111 budget in 2010, lawmakers voted to scale back eligibility for the state's Medicaid program, eliminating care for about 310,000 Arizonans effective at the end of December 2010, as well as to eliminate the Kids Care program. Both programs are subsidized with federal funds, but legislators said Arizona couldn't afford its share of the programs' cost. Then the federal health care law was signed and It requires states to maintain their existing program to receive all future Medicaid dollars, meaning a loss of $7.8 billion a year to Arizona. Legislators then restored both programs under the presumption was that Congress would come up with the cash to make up the difference, the federal funds were not as much as the state presumed, leaving the state $160 million short.[13]

The state also expects to receive $208 million in education job funds from the federal stimulus bill passed in August 2010.[13]

Prior to the passage of the federal funds, at the end of July 2010, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee's staff estimated that the $8.5 billion budget's shortfall ranged from zero to $1 billion, less than the previous range of $400 million and $1.2 billion.[14]

Jeff Mariotte

There's a lot there and I don't have time to address anywhere near all of it tonight. I'll be watching tomorrow, and maybe I'll have more to say then.

For now, let me just point out that I've run and helped run several businesses, small and large, and I can pretty definitively say that what's keeping companies from hiring isn't uncertainty about health care costs or taxes. Those are things that are part of the cost of doing business. What they're concerned about is that people aren't buying their goods (or services, whatever). If people were buying and they needed to produce more faster, they would staff up, and happily pay the health care (and small businesses are definitely on board with the health care plan's small business tax credit for health care) and the taxes. They like it when people are spending money, and they don't like it when they aren't. So far, they're not, although they're starting to a little more. It's about having customers, not about wondering what's going on with health care legislation.

I'm for some defense cuts, too. Historically we've always cut defense after a war ends. Well, Iraq has theoretically wound down, but we're still spending. We haven't really quit spending since the Cold War ended, and the enemies we have now are not the Soviet Union and communist China (which wouldn't dream of invading such a great customer--where would they be without Walmart?).

But I'm also for spending. America is a great country BECAUSE of government spending, not in spite of it. Government spending built the railroads that linked us together. It built the highways that gave families the freedom to see the country, and choose where to visit and where to live (and spurred the auto business and all the related businesses. Defense spending and NASA spurred all sorts of technological advances and innovations, creating hundreds of thousands if not millions of new companies and the jobs that go with them. America has built itself up because we have innovated, and much of that innovation was spurred by government R&D spending, government education spending, etc. We can't turn our backs on that now. We especially need to beef up education in today's world, but we also need infrastructure improvements and advances.

And I don't like the idea of writing off the poor because rich people need more tax breaks. We don't live in a pure free market system, and I wouldn't want to. We live in a hybrid country where the free market works to some extent, but it is regulated and enhanced by government regulation, government spending, and government intervention when need be. Not enough regulation, or we wouldn't have had the crash of 2008. But we've added some more since then, though I fear not enough.

A permanent underclass does none of us any good. Whole segments of society rot because their schools are terrible, their jobs (when they can get them) don't provide health insurance so their health suffers, their diets are poor. Yes, the very rare individual can still manage to break free of that. But why do the children of rich people get every advantage--the best schools, the best colleges, the networks, the contacts, the advantages of good health care? If we could provide the poor with those advantages we'd see a lot more of them leaving poverty behind and bringing their families and neighborhoods up with them.

Government can do many good things. I'd rather have it work to equalize some opportunities--working in the way the Bible suggested, helping those who have the least instead of those who already have the most, for a change--and narrow the gulf between rich and poor, leaving us with a strong and affluent middle class. Because then that middle class would be able to buy the goods and services, and the rich (as they always do) would still do well. Remember, historically under Democratic presidents the rich do better overall than they do under Republican ones, but so do those on the lower end of the scale. A rising tide really does lift all boats, but you can't cause the tide to rise by hoisting up just a few of the big luxury yachts.


Good Comments.I am reading and thinking...
This is much better than American idol


Okay you can spend...
Tell me How Much?
We are 14 Trillion dollars in Debt...
We are Broke and oh by the way the Bush tax cuts if removed would only be generating 500 billion or so more...
So I will give you that back
We have to balance the budget first. Then establish some priorities. I have only started reading President Obama's state of the Union and trying to avoid pundits on the address so if there are some good prioritizes in there...
When you are broke everything can not be a priority.
One thing that I have read but not really studied yet..is that Good Health may help bring down the deficient. It makes logical sense that it would bring down costs in other areas of the budge.
Railroads were given ( Some say stole ) sections of land to build Railroads. I have to look it up it was the Land Grant Act of 1862. Really until the Presidency of FDR...The Federal Government did not spend to help private business, not like we expect today. Did Edison need a Federal Loan? The key word today is that we expect Uncle Sugar to lend a Helping hand. How is NASA going forward now?
How was WW1 and WW2 partially funded?


How is this statement not stretching the truth.." Some are the children of undocumented workers, who had
nothing to do with the actions of their parents."
President Obama

If their parents had not broken the law the kids would not be here.
Nothing to do with the actions of their parents?
Come on President Obama...


Can they Do it?
President Obama
So tonight, I am proposing that starting this year, we freeze annual
domestic spending for the next five years. (Applause.) Now, this
would reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next
decade, and will bring discretionary spending to the lowest share of
our economy since Dwight Eisenhower was President.
Ah to dream?
Dwight Eisenhower hold on wasn't he a Republican..
Lions, tigers and Bears oh my


Overall not a Bad speech...
I would be happy if Congress and the President did some of the proposed things.
Lets just leave it at that

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