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It had some good points. I put them in another comment. It went on way too long

I thought the crowd was out of control. It was a memorial service not a basketball game. Do we not know how to be polite? I am surprised no one brought in an air horn. But that was stopped by metal detectors. My father-in-law and mother-in-law took my son and his cousins. They all received t-shirts which struck me as kind of little classless also.
I guess I am still pretty somber about the whole affair

I thought all the speakers did well. I was okay with the Indian Blessing. Don't know where that came from but I went with the flow.

Jeff Mariotte

I didn't have the problem with the T-shirts. As people wear them around the city, others can know that they were there, and if they share sorrow they can express it, as they choose, with people who likely feel the same way. It's a way of showing some civic pride and togetherness in a very difficult time.


Well my son has one and he wore it to school the next day. So I am over it. He liikes it and hey if it does what you say then it is okay. We need a little more civic pride and togetherness.

I am reading in my "spare" time items about Congresswoman Giffords from thomas.gov (Congressional Record) I am doing that because I don't really know anything about her. It has been good to do this. I like her congressional paycut by 5 % bill. I like the fact she voted to reduce the staff Budget. I have an RSS feed from her Congressional Website. I am pleased that she is making progress in the Hospital. I am praying for her and the other victims as well. I look forward to your comments Jeff, you are a good man. You always have very good points. Thank you for letting me comment and post.

Jeff Mariotte

I always appreciate your participation, Chris. Even when we disagree, you do so in an informed and intelligent way, and ultimately--though we have different approaches--I think we both genuinely want what's best for people. That's probably true on the wider scale as well, and it does us all good to keep that in mind.

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