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Lots of reading. It is interesting


We have to get beyond...

Dems -Soros -socialism - New world order

Reps -Kochs -Ultra Rich -etc

The Democrats have as many ties on Wall street and according to a article I read on Mother Jones are just as responsible for the demise of Unions.

Having said that
I had heard that before this became National News that there was an offer on the table to avoid this mess we are in...

And Another thing. This is a state issue. Every state has it's own way of doing state revenue, or taxes.
It is interesting that these reading seem to blur the distinction between Federal and State taxes.

States have become too dependent on the federal government. They need to balance their own budgets.

Jeff Mariotte

The problem is that it's not a state issue, and it isn't about Wisconsin's budget shortfall. If it was, Gov. Walker would accept the union concessions, and he would include the Republican-leaning unions in the plan, and he wouldn't give away basically the same amount as the shortfall in tax breaks for corporations. It's about busting unions because unions organize and fund Democratic candidates. That makes it a national issue, and if we don't pay attention and speak out now, then the assault on the middle class will continue, and the nation's wealth will continue to be redistributed away from the poor and middle classes and toward the wealthy. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

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