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At a Gift exchange a few years ago Someone gave me a subscription to Mother Jones. Anyway I will look at the links.
Here are my thoughts. I have said many times that we either cut spending or the (dreaded) raise taxes or revenue. It is becoming extremely clear that we may have to do both to balance the budget. I don't know what happened but on the conservative side public servants that don't carry guns or run into flaming buildings don't seem to be good Public servants. I am willing to concede that we need public servants. How many and what they do is subject to debate?


I don't like unions. Never have. For most of my life they have been a negative force in America. They have always appeared greedy to me. The public workers unions seem especially spoiled. We are talking about for the most part white collar workers. So I must admit I have a huge bias here.


I am reading this right now. Good Article
Plutocracy Now: What Wisconsin Is Really About

I can see why I have my view of the unions.


I would love if they busted the teachers union. They are notorious for protecting teachers that should have been fired. Tenure is used like a crutch to keep mediocre and bad teachers on the payroll.

One of the most scandalous manifestations of teacher tenure was the so-called “Rubber Rooms” of New York City. According to The New York Daily News, at any given time an average of 700 teachers were being paid not to teach (they instead reported to “rubber rooms”) while the district jumped through the hoops (imposed by the union contract and the law) needed to pursue discipline or termination.

Randy Johnson

Cosieler, you are wrong about unions. In my working life, I've been on both sides of the coin: Union first, then a small part of management. While it's true that unions can be overprotective of people they shouldn't, if there were no unions, a lot of things taken for granted by most folks, folks wouldn't have. Even with unions, I once worked for a company that imposed seven day work weeks(ten hours a day) six months out of the year and heaven help you if you missed eight percent of the time, even with a doctor's excuse, you were written up. A second, another write-up. The third got you a suspension, the fourth termination(these are all within a six month period). A written warning came off after six monthsTheir take was there's always people out there looking for work.

Think about that. Eight percent of seventy hours is less than seven hours.

Jeff Mariotte

There are certainly bad actors in every profession, teachers included. I doubt that any group of teachers ever did as much damage as that group of Wall Street financiers did when they nearly destroyed the global economy in 2008, and instead of being punished, they were bailed out and continued taking home giant bonuses.

I have been a worker and an executive, but never in a union shop. Nonetheless, I have enough historical perspective to know that the labor movement ended child labor and gave us weekends, sick leave, the 40-hour work week, and a middle class. For the last 30 years, union membership has been declining--and so have middle class incomes. For those decades, the country's wealth has been more and more concentrated in the hands of a very few, and the middle class is being squeezed out of existence. Is this a coincidence, or just what the wealthy

And do they really understand what they're doing? The key to our economy has been that productivity gains go along with income gains, so there are markets for those products. Now there are emerging markets in other countries, but having a robust American middle class would be better for the rich in the long run. If they succeed in trapping much more of America's wealth they're going to destroy this country's economy for real, and that's not good for any of us.

We need collective bargaining, we need a stronger middle class, and we need the rich to stop trying to crush the poor.

On the topic of education, we can't just blame the teachers for the problems. Wh
en parents are working two and three jobs just to get by, when there are no supermarkets in their neighborhoods and kids are going to school hungry, with little to no parental involvement, the kids have enough obstacles that even brilliant teachers can't get through. I'm tired of people blaming teachers (and toll operators, snow plow drivers, cops, firefighters, MVD workers, etc.) for economic problems caused more by the upper classes unstoppable greed. Those people are not the problem.


Jeff and Randy
I think the very fact the Unions are losing membership is because they stopped being effective years ago.
Time to move on
I have a big problem with Government being the "thief" that robs the rich because we are so worried that they are getting too much. I have always felt education and hard work will pay off in the long run. We do not need the government to be the big nanny to take care of all our problems. I am tired and not thinking rationally so ignore everything I am saying. I do enjoy reading all the posts and comments. I am changing a little bit

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