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So Congress , State Governments, County, City, and Local School boards have become the "wealthy factory owners" that these "noble unions" are fighting against. These Public unions are striking against us!!!! That is the Difference from Union efforts of the past. I have a book somewhere om "Bread and Roses" strike of 1914. Those folks were fighting against horrid conditions, and directly fighting the Factory owners.
Fast Forward to Public Sector Unions of today.
It is different.
There is a "middleman", some government entity collecting taxes
Not as noble...

Jeff Mariotte

I understand the point about public employees negotiating with "the taxpayers" through a middleman. Nonetheless, I believe they have a right to negotiate their salaries and working conditions, just like anyone else should.

And I don't see all rich people as the enemy--some of my friends are very, very rich. But we live in a nation where the wealth and power is flowing more and more to a very few individuals, and that's not a situation that can stand indefinitely. Banana republics always fall, and that's the direction we're headed.

Furthermore, I don't necessarily believe that corporations are inherently better than government. Gov. Walker IN WI fired the state employees who provided security for state government buildings and replaced them with contractors working for Wackenhut. Now, the rule of thumb for federal contractors is that the government pays about double to a contractor for each employee working on a project--in other words, if they have a contractor employee who earns $30 an hour, the company that contractor works for is taking in $60 an hour. That's a raw deal for the taxpayers. Even if that is overly generous for state contractors, let's say that the WI government pays 25% more per employee for security personnel. That means the taxpayers of WI suddenly have an increase of 25% in what they pay for building security, OR the people doing that job earn that much less than the gov't employees who did it before. That means less money being spent in the community by those employees.  And it means more of the taxpayers' money leaves WI and flows to Wackenhut's corporate headquarters. Wackenhut was once an American company, but then it was acquired by a Danish one, which merged with a British one. Now WI taxpayers are sending there money to the UK and/or Denmark, instead of keeping it all in WI (which was the case when all those employees worked for the state). Substitute state security officers for prison employees and you get the story currently happening in AZ, where state-owned prisons are being replaced by private, out-of-state owned prisons.

In this particular instance, a judge told Gov. Walker that he had to hire the state workers back, and had to pay them back wages for the time they were employed. That means the taxpayers have had to pay TWICE for the same hours of building security. Let's not pretend Gov. Walker is at all interested in saving money--he is interested in making political points and gaining political power (and crushing unions that donate to Democrats while ignoring the ones that donate to Republicans). There's nothing inherently noble about corporate greed or the politicians who kowtow to it.

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