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We have a trickle at my house. But I have water barrels until the flow gets better. It is kinda of like camping in my house. At least we have propane.

Jeff Mariotte

Water barrels are a good idea.  This is a great argument for rainwater harvesting--if we'd been able to capture water from the wet summer we had, we might be in better shape.  As it is we're living on bottled water and what I can draw from inside the well house.  We have propane, too, and at least we haven't lost electricity like some folks.


Well let me know if you need any help


For the record, we lost water around 1:30 AM on Thursday, February 3. It only feels like it's been off since January...

And we did get water flowing from the well ... through a valve that is also broken, causing the original repair to leak again. So we are still camping, for the version of camping where you rent a hotel room just for shower access.

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