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The whole Libya thing is a mess.

Those who live near him an are opposed cannot go it alone, but if we get too involved, it makes us 'invaders'.

And the cost of our military/industrial complex is ruining the country, bt it is the one things nobody in Washington is willing to touch (except for maybe Bernie).

There are no simple answers, but so far Obama seems to be at least trying to plot a reasoned course, and that alone is a vast improvement.

Atlanta Roofing

Don’t think what is going on in Libya is a religious war as some have said. There was a revolution followed by suppression. We have come in on the side of the revolutionaries. The Arab League supports this and they did not support the invasion of Iraq. As the Glenn Greenwald article says, this is different than Iraq and “glib comparisons should be avoided”. Obama listened to Hillary Clinton and the State Department rather than the military. Hope it does not last very long, and that there are never any troops on the ground.

Jeff Mariotte

I'm with you on hoping for shortness and no ground troops.  I still have some reservations about the way it was handled, though. When Bush took us to war in Iraq, he built up to it over some time, explaining things as he went. Of course, those things were all or mostly lies--and the fact that he took so long shows that there was no real urgency. In this case there was no time to waste, if we were going to have any effect whatsoever. But still I'd like a clearer picture of what we're trying to accomplish, and why it's a good idea.


Approx 120 million dollars in Missiles fired the First Day. Welcome to Odyssey Dawn
I think that U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 is an interesting number (1973 is the year of the Yom Kipper War).
70-80 Sorties a day. 23$ a minute for fuel.
Oh well 3 wars!!!

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