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Randy Johnson

Agreed. Unfortunately there are enough people out, though thankfully not enough, who only need Chump to be against Obama to take him seriously. That's the only reason this place of birth BS still has any legs at all.

Randy Johnson

That should be out there. My fingers got ahead of my brain. Sorry...


One thing we agree on Donald Trump is an idiot.

Leon Penatta was the only choice really left. But he is a good Washington Bureaucrat and at age 73 can run through the Pentagon with the budget cutting axe with no worries about his next job. The Pentagon needs to focus on fighting the current wars. The Pentagon suffers from Big ticket itis. So I will sit back and I think it will be okay. And hope we bring some sanity to the defense budget. How many friggin air craft carriers do we need, etc?


General Petraeus to the CIA is an interesting choice. He is a very smart man. I will not debate that. I think his nomination is an indicator of which way the administration is taking the war efforts. They are moving to more covert actions and I fear more "secret" wars. Let me take a quick break and I will post a new response to explain my point better.


General Petraeus is a Special operations Guy.

Here is an interesting quote from a foreign newspaper.
"If confirmed as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Petraeus would effectively take command of a third - in Pakistan.

Petraeus’s nomination comes at a time when the CIA functions, more than ever in its history, as an extension of the nation’s lethal military force.

CIA teams operate alongside US special operations forces in conflict zones from Afghanistan to Yemen. The agency has also built up a substantial paramilitary capability of its own. But perhaps most significantly, the agency is in the midst of what amounts to a sustained bombing campaign over Pakistan using unmanned Predator and Reaper drones."
End of Quote


Another quote from the same source
" Since Obama took office there have been at least 192 drone missile strikes, killing as many as 1,890 militants, suspected terrorists and civilians. Petraeus is seen as a staunch supporter of the drone campaign, even though it has so far failed to eliminate the Al Qaida threat or turn the tide of the Afghan war."

The word that worries me above is suspected...The second word that worries me is civilians. I have been a soldier or supporting soldiers my whole life. As an Officer in the US Military I had to learn the Law of War.

That defined how we treated combatants and non combatants. That defined how we were to act.

We follow the

Okay so why am I worried. War is a horrible thing. I hate war I despise war. But if called upon to defend my country, my family, my friends by those that are appointed and elected by the people of this great land I will unleash everything at my disposal within the constraints above to force my opponents to beg for peace. I believe in swift and decisive campaigns. I believe speak loudly and hit them with a club repeatably until they decide peace is the correct course of action. Then I sit at the peace table with them and treat them with respect and dignity.
Tell Why for the last 50 years we have had a doctrine of pre-emptive and/or secret wars.

The predator strikes are mostly happening in Pakistan. What?
Let me pause for second


How do the drone strike fit within the laws of war? Who is determining the targets? I think it is determined strategy to keep the war off the front pages. What are the objectives in the global war on terror? When do we stop killing people?
So to get to my main point, if you are okay with constant little secret wars then I think you are going to get your wish.


Check out this post.
"While the Bush administration had approved some clandestine military activities far from designated war zones, the new order is intended to make such efforts more systematic and long term, officials said.

Jeff Mariotte

You might be right about Petraeus. I don't know what's in his heart, but I know that the director of the CIA doesn't set the agenda--he makes the president's agenda happen. If the president intends to pursue more secret wars, then he will. But given the nature of the biggest threat facing us, I still think having a brilliant military man at the CIA and a CIA guy at Defense is a great idea.


What is really funny is we have almost positions. I will conclude that I hope that both men are up to the task. We know we have a lot of challenges before us.


I am tired. Swapped positions. I will quit.

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