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Red Tash

Have a splendid Christmas, my friend. Thank you.

Jeff Mariotte

And the same to you, dear Red!


Great post Red. I'm sick of the blatant promo crap myself. It's the equivalent of "Head On. Apply directly to the forehead." Ugh. I hate that shite. I do realize most of authors don't know much about how to promote/market themselves or their work. Heck, I've come across some marketing directors who don't know much about marketing either. It's understandable but they can do homework and find out how. But first, they need to know they are doing it wrong. A post like this, lets them know in a nice way. It's not easy, I'll admit that. I've been in the ad biz for over 20 years. Even with years of experience in selling someone else's stuff, I find it difficult. Go figure. It's not a slam dunk for me. I have to work at it.

This is my first time at this blog. Good stuff, Jeff.

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks for coming around, Ty. I hope you'll keep dropping in and add to the ongoing conversation. I was an ad major in college and have worked in marketing (and editorial) for publishers--but I'm the first to admit that there are no sure-fire methods, and in this new world, I'm feeling my way as much as anyone.

Free Book Reviews

Red as usual you are straightforward and unapologetic in your posts. I love it and hope a few read it and maybe practice it. I on the other hand love to just be in everyone's face saying look at me as I am selling you every indie author I meet. ;)

Red Tash

Ty, your Head On reference gave me a laugh! Thanks for that! And I haven't forgotten I owe you a post, as well.

Albert, your support is tremendous in its scope & generosity.

Jeff & all, I was asked more than once to do book promo for others since I started this journey in September. I hope that's a good sign.. I really would rather just succeed as an author, but I'm giving myself a year, and if I don't see the kind of sales I'd like, I may take on some clients. Let's hope we're all far too busy answering fan mail this time next year, instead!

 LK Watts

Hi Red,

Love your points about spamming. You should always focus on how to network effectively instead. Then people will be interested in you and more likely to check out your work.

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