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Max Allan Collins

Hey, Jeff, thanks for the shout-out. But all the people who say Iowa doesn't matter in this process have forgotten that on the Demo side, we launched Obama last time around -- my son, wife and I were part of an effort pre- and post-caucus to put Barrack in the White House.

Jeff Mariotte

I appreciate that, Max. That's why I specifically said this year's Republican caucuses. Past ones have helped propel Jimmy Carter, George W., and Barack Obama, just in recent memory, and probably helped put Mitt where he is, next in the Republican line.

But this year's will hardly matter, because our country's biggest problem is the economic one--specifically, jobs (not "Washington spending" as Perry just said), and none of them have a clue. Even if foreign policy was on the table, they've marginalized the one guy with any foreign policy experience--Huntsman--practically out of existence. So we're left with a batch of candidates who all have the same economic prescription, and it leads to disaster.

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