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David McDonald

Stupid as he is, he still came close to knocking Giffords out of the House. However, I'm betting that any attempt he makes to run will see his gunslinging rhetoric trotted out and used relentlessly against him

I swear to god that "Arizona Republican" these days translates directly to "microcephalic psychopath."

Randy Johnson

Sounds like this guy would make Rick Perry look like a mental giant. I KNOW the good folks in your state will have better sense.

On a serious note, I wish Ms Giffords well on her recovery. She's been through a lot and deserves a chance at full recovery if possible. That's the important thing.

Jeff Mariotte

The only reason he had any chance whatsoever was that he had the Tea Party wind at his back. And even with that he couldn't make the sale. I was there at that debate, and saw his supporters--who I can only describe as morons--cheer and clap at that line as if he hadn't just spoken the most absurd statement possible, given the setting and his own history. But that was Tea Party 2010. That coalition doesn't exist anymore, and Kelly has absolutely no experience, no redeeming qualities, and nothing to recommend him for that job.

Jeff Mariotte

Randy, he is truly one of the least intelligent people I have ever seen open his mouth in public. It's amazing that he was even taken seriously--but then, in 2010, so were Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell. Once in a lifetime, I hope.

And yes, Gabby's recovery is the most important thing.

David McDonald

I find it rather sad that Kelly has so much competition here for bottom-feeder status. Frank Antenori is no better.

I agree about the Tea Party wind being gone from the state, despite the occasional bit of kicking and bleating, but it's still strong in some places -- which is going to get us Gingrich because the teabaggers are up in arms about Romney. With any luck, whoever gets the nomination will be a disaster for the GOP.

Likewise agree on Gabby's recovery being the most important. Still...I did smile like a nut seeing her hugging the President at the SOTU.

Paul D. Dail

"The government has never created a single job!" Wow. That's about all I can say.

And I would agree with David's comment. Hoping (and feeling pretty confident) that whomever the GOP throws up at this point has enough against them to let our incumbent get another four years.

State of the Union was a great speech. And while I may have to admit that Obama might be a little bit unrealistic at times and overly optimistic, I so much prefer that to the same doomsday rhetoric the Republicans have been spewing in response for the past four years.

Paul D. Dail
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Jeff Mariotte

Yeah, Kelly really is an extreme example of public idiocy.

Good to see that things are turning around on the national scene--great economic numbers out today. 50,000 new manufacturing jobs. 70,000 new professional jobs. And etc.  The stock market liked it, too.

Tex Shelters

Well done. I'm been looking for some ideas about who Jesse Kelly is, and this supports my idea of him.

Tex Shelters

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