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Severin's work was stunning, no matter what the genre, with an incredible fidelity for realistic detail. Had he devoted himself to comic strip work, I think he'd have been hailed as another Foster or Caniff. But because he toiled in the strips' more disreputable cousin, funny books, he never got the acclaim he so surely deserved...and that's about as damning an indictment of the low regard which mainstream American society holds for comic books as anything else I can think of.

I particularly loved his work on Marvel's Kull, which I think came closer than any other comic book to achieving what Hal Foster had done visually with Prince Valiant (even those times when John wasn't doing the penciling, but was "only" inking his sister Marie on the book).

Jeff Mariotte

I completely agree. His mastery of the craft was amazing, and he could have done brilliant comic strip work. Marie was good as well, but her brother always improved her stuff. Kull was where I first discovered him, but after that I looked for him forward and back in time, and always found it magnificent.

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