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Randy Johnson

I've always been amazed that people think that just because they thought of an idea, no one else should. I completely understand writers not reading, or even opening, unsolicited manuscripts.


Jeff, when you do media tie-in work, are you contractually obligated to not look at any fanfic related to that work? I know some publishers have taken steps to try and protect themselves against the inevitability of a fan trying to sue them for "stealing" an idea they had used in their own amateur fiction stories.

Jeff Mariotte


I've never seen any mention of fanfic in a tie-in contract. I think it's more or less understood, but not specifically prohibited.

Red Tash

I was going to say, "C'mon, Jeff...next you'll say you penned the line 'Turn in your badge and your gun.'' ;) Glad you saved me the trouble!

A few years ago I was at a writing conference where a VERY high profile author who shall remain nameless in this comment sold an entire lecture hall on the concept that a TV studio stole his book series for a very popular show.

And he may have been right. He said no lawyer would take the case. I felt sorry for him, I really did. I'm glad to see him successful now--especially if that did happen. It'd be great karma for thousands of new readers to read those old books and go "Hey! This sounds an awful lot like XYZ Show!" But, of course, they'd probably see him as the "ripper," I guess!

Hope all is well in your world. :)

Congrats on getting to write the new book. That's awesome!

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