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The demographics demand it. The fewer people that are able to vote, the longer the GOP can stay in power. Elementary, my dear.

Next stop: the poll tax. Oh, wait, that's essentially what many of the voter ID laws are. Well, I'm sure the current Supreme Court will...oh...

Jeff Mariotte

Sadly, that's exactly what's going on. They can't win on the issues, because the American people don't support them there. Generally, Americans have a "we're in this together" attitude, not an "everyone for himself and screw the rest of you" attitude. And they can't win on demographics because those are all moving against them, fast. So they're left with trying to reduce the number of people who can vote. It's wrong and it's tragic that a once-great party has descended so low.

Randy Johnson

We're getting something along those lines here in North Carolina, a re-organizing of the districts, purely to change voters into areas more heavily Republican.


This whole thing can be called a poll tax as it stands right now.

Many elderly people who have been forced to give up their driving licenses could now be expected to go out and PAY to obtain a photo ID? Right.
This can pose a serious problem for elderly voters that do not have the money to pay for a photo ID and who may be unable to find anyone to drive them to where they need to go for an ID. I am positive that this is going to reduce the amount of democratic voters who will vote this year.

In MA, our governor (MA) stated not to even bring anything like this to his desk because he will flat out veto it.

Jeff Mariotte

Our redistricting ended up being slightly beneficial to Republicans, once the governor was prevented by the courts from firing the independent redistricting commission that the voters opted for. If the governor had had her way, it would have been far more extreme.

Jeff Mariotte

Charlene, it's absolutely designed to block out the elderly, the young, and minorities, all of whom are less likely to have the specific types of ID called for in these laws. The most absurd example--and I suspect this will be shut down in court--is Texas's attempt to make a gun license acceptable for voting, but student ID not acceptable.

Fortunately, you have an intelligent governor in your state, who'll stand for the people.

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