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Account Deleted

Hello Jeff...

Here in the Philippines, it's been part of everyday life to submit ourselves to security checks whenever entering any kind of establishments, specially malls. This all started after a spat of bombings in the 90's that led to the death of a lot of people. This led to tightened security at every entrance of all transportation depots, malls, schools, institutions, etc. It's been going on so long thats it's become part of life. We've gotten used to it. It's gotten so that if there are no checks like this, we feel insecure and unsafe. It is indeed an inconvenience, and a small sacrifice in our freedoms, but I feel it's become necessary in times we live in.

I think the time is coming that Americans many need to make similar adjustments. It's a hassle, but for I think it's a price worth paying for a little security and peace of mind.

Jeff Mariotte

I remember those bombings, Gerry. I didn't know the security measures had gotten so tight. I'm afraid you're right, we're probably headed that way, too. It's just so tragic that the actions of a hateful few have to infringe upon the freedoms of so many.

Thanks for letting us know about this--and that we can get used to it if we have to.

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