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Randy Johnson

It was a horrible tragedy what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. Will it teach us anything? Most yes, but most of those who advocate automatic weapons will still rail about the right to bear arms. They never mention that when that amendment was written, single shot muskets were all that were around.

And on the ease of buying guns, I can attest to that. I bought my first handgun at a flea market, a .357 magnum Smith & Wesson. I'd also bought a pull tab on a Ruger handgun about the same time. As mentioned in an earlier comment, I own no weapons currently and see no need and have never had a desire for any sort of automatic weapon.


Access to mental health is job one. What is interesting is the trending of the 20 something's that are committing these crimes. Adam Lanza came from a very affluent family. Access to mental care for him should not have been an issue. His Dad was well off. Why did Adam not receive care? Something we may never know.

Jeff Mariotte

Right. His mom got more than $24,000 a month in alimony. The cost of care was not an issue for that family. But did she underestimate his problems? There is talk around that she had plans to have him committed--I'm not sure yet if that's true or not, but maybe she did recognize the danger, only to act on it too late.


And who can judge her? No one, she probably did not know what was needed. We always underestimate. I will not blame her. What is needed is forgiveness

David Peattie

I posted the following on my own FB page on December 21. I think it's worth repeating and I hope you won't mind.

At a press conference earlier today, NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre openly proclaimed that the best way to prevent wanton massacres like the one that occurred in Newtown, CT last week is to post armed guards at all schools nationwide.

One of my FB friends, writer Mark Evanier, posted in regards to that: "You get the feeling that if you told Wayne LaPierre that you'd lost your contact lenses, he'd tell you that the answer was more guns?"

I don't know how anyone else feels, but I would like the NRA to know the following:

I don't WANT our schools, or our shopping malls, or our movie theaters, or our workplaces, to feel like they could, at any time, become open war zones.

I don't WANT our children to feel that they have to be afraid to go to school, or shopping, or to the movies, or anywhere public, and feel that they're at risk for their lives.

Even as an adult, I don't WANT to have to live like that.

And I reject out of hand the concept that this is how we HAVE to live from now on, just to keep pinheads like you from having to grow up and endure even the tiniest restrictions on Your Precious Arsenals. The victims this time weren't limited to adults, or college students, or even high school students on the cusp of adulthood. The victims this time included children who had barely started life, who couldn't possibly have done anything to offend or hurt anyone as yet. If that's not enough to clue you in that This Has Got To Stop, then you have no soul.

Grow up, NRA. Grow a pair and take responsibility for the part you play in this ongoing horror, by insisting that there Can Not Ever be any restrictions on any firearms, ever, in this country. Stop blaming straw man "culprits" like movies, video games, music, and most especially, a lack of guns, for this heartbreaking carnage.

There are families in Newtown...and indeed, all over the country...who have to face Christmas this year, and every year, bereft of loved ones because of the unending torrent of gun violence. I don't want to come out on the other extreme end of things and insist that no one other than police or military can ever own a gun again, but if the only other choice is the kind of tragedy and despair we're facing now, then the 2nd Amendment can suck it.

Wayne LaPierre...there are no words in the English language vile enough to describe how I feel about a person who would stoop so low as to turn our public schools into the OK Corral. You, sir, are what whale vomit would scrape off its shoes.

Jeff Mariotte

Well said, David, thanks.


A friend of mine in the Phillippines said that after some terrorist incidents there, security in that country has become omnipresent. You don't walk into a mall, a movie theater, a library or a school without passing through a metal detector. I would hate for us to follow suit, and I would especially hate it if we were doing it not because of terrorists from outside but because of gun-loving NRA terrorists from our own country who had convinced us that the way to prevent gun deaths is to have ever more guns (despite every shred of evidence pointing toward the opposite conclusion).

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