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Unarmed, you out-gunned him. Beautifully done.

Richard Anderson

An interesting question, Jeff, is whether having an armed officer at a school acts as a deterrent to gun violence on site. (It didn't at Columbine, of course, but perhaps the effect might be positive elsewhere.) And a public policy issue that remains largely unaddressed is how we would pay for officers at schools. School districts, after all, aren't exactly flush with money. Assuming LaPierre's bad idea gains traction, I'd say tax the bullets. In fact, even if it doesn't gain traction, tax them anyway and apply the revenue to gun safety programs.

Randy Johnson

You covered the bad ideas nicely. A sure disaster unfortunately f put into effect.

Jeff Mariotte

I don't know that there's any data on the deterrence factor, Richard. Problem is, while I'm much more comfortable with the idea of trained law enforcement professionals carrying guns in schools than teachers or administrators, it still addresses the wrong problem. School shootings are rare, and cops, as  you point out, are expensive. If we want to deal with the few school shootings there are (most of which are done by students at the school--Lanza, targeting a school he didn't even attend, is an extreme outlier), we'd be better off using the money to put a staff psychologist in each school. Or reinstituting art and music education. Or paying for books and supplies.


There's much that our schools need, but being turned into armed fortresses is something they don't need. Even if the people carrying the guns are cops, they're still reinforcing the ideas that a) school is a dangerous place, and b) guns make us safer. Both false notions.


Not to be outdone by Arizona's idiotic Attorney General, Maricopa County's even more idiotic sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced his own idea of sending his volunteer "posse"--several hundred armed and somewhat trained civilians to "patrol" the county's schools. Think about what kind of person would volunteer to carry a gun for that felonious publicity hound, and then think about whether you'd like that person carrying a gun around your kids. Not me.


Personally I think that Tom Horne has no credibility. he does not obey the laws that he has sworn to up hold. Assault weapons in the hands of the public are not needed. Extended magazines in the hands of the public are not needed. Even if we save one child in the next one hundred years, I would say banning assault weapons are worth it. Think of the impossible around the world if we could be an example of living in peace and harmony. Can a Conservative dream of peace? I long for the time where we have evolved to a state where all can live in peace and safety. Where the term active shooter plan is obsolete.

Jeff Mariotte

You and me both, brother.

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