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Randy Johnson

Good post.

I recently joined Facebook, after vowing never to, and learned the distressing news that a lot of friends and family are completely around the bend. Some of them are still touting that idiocy that Obama is not American. They keep linking to a supposed student ID that shows a young Obama with the words foreign student along the bottom. The student name is not Obama and I don't know whether the picture is of him or a lookalike. I made the innocent remark, nice photoshop, and set off a firestorm of protests. Reminds me of that joke, How do you start an argument on the internet? Make and comment and wait.

Another friend(well not exactly. I was a friend as a kid with his older brother) is one of those claiming there were no children killed at Sandy Hook. It's all a conspiracy to take their guns.

I actually unfriended a childhood friend who asked for a friending when he found out I'd joined. Hadn't seen him in forty years and was greeted every single day with a half dozen anti-gun control posts. I got tired of it very fast.

They call him Nobama, excoriate Obama care constantly, and generally annoy the crap out of me.

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks, Randy. There are a lot of strange ideas out there--and a right-wing media machine that keeps them pumped up, sometimes for political gain and sometimes financial, just to sell books and pamphlets and website subscriptions, etc.

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