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Randy Johnson

I'm torn between being amused at the ease you find candidates every week and scared. Amused because it's hard to believe the stuff that come out of their mouths and scared because these are people with the reins of power in their hands.

And I have to admit I liked Nugent's music back in the day, even saw him live a few times. Not his politics of course. I was amused at the picture of him at the SOTU address obviously uncomfortable sitting beside the openly gay rights activist.

Inviting him was not a smart move. But we are talking about the Tea Party. I've given up making comments on some of the Facebook postings. the last one a friend did got me a vile spewing of name calling and profanity. Not from my friend. He respects my thoughts, different from his, but from another local. That seems to be the last resort of too many Tea Partiers that don't have the capacity for intelligent conversation.

Jeff Mariotte

Randy, I keep thinking a week will come that there won't be too many candidates to even mention them all. Sadly, that never seems to be the case.

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