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Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell

Free books! What's not to love? Enter! Win! Indulge!

Jeff Mariotte

Excellent advice!


This is a great idea!

I think my favorite fictional duo would have to be Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse. They may be in a surreal comic strip, but their emotional interplay feels so real to me. Well, except for the bricks, of course.


Eh, what's a mere five dozen or so streams when you have samurai and ninjas and pirates and more? :)

Jeff Mariotte


Great choice! I'm a Krazy Kat fan from way back. Imagine my excitement the first time I visited the real Coconino County!

Jeff Mariotte

That's an excellent point!


I'm going with Vlad and Loiosh. Really, what's not to like? Although there are an awful lot to choose from...

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks for playing, Nolly! Great choices!

Joseph Crawford

Crossing the Stream.
This is insanely difficult to pick a favorite duo. Spock and Kirk, Powerman and IronFist, Godzilla and Anguirus.

I am going to go with Sarah Jane Smith and The Fourth Doctor. Forgive me Leela. Somehow the first Doctor you watch always ends up your Doctor, and such is my case with Tom Baker. I have enjoyed others as well, often resonating with me depending on where I was in my life and fanhood. I also believe the best companions were the ones that were the ones that came across as the Doctor's best friend, and the wonderful Lis Sladen made you believe that she would do anything for her dear friend. To me, still the best duo of all.

Jeff Mariotte

Thanks, Joseph. I'm with you on Tom Baker--he'll always be the Real Doctor.

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