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Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell

We could give them little masks and call them ursadores...

Jeff Mariotte

: )


Perhaps the first bear link should've been in the climate change section? :(
At Verdi Elementary, this is the third bear lockdown in four years. Usually though, bear sightings don't happen till the fall, the time when bears are bulking up for winter.

"We don't think, because of 3 years of drought, that we are going to have enough natural food for the bears to sustain themselves and get all the calories they are going to need," said Chris Healy with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Healy says this is just the start of it. We'll see lots of bears in lots of places as we move throughout the year.

Jeff Mariotte

Probably so. On the other hand, there still aren't any bears coming around where I am...

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