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I found Melissa Harris-Perry's reminder of how Janay Rice's voice is too often not heard in the media (from anecdotal experience, I have repeatedly encountered reports on the story that don't even mention Janay by name, just Ray Rice) an important perspective as well.



Of course Janay's voice should be heard, and her family's privacy should be respected, but let's not forget domestic violence is a crime, and an endemic one in professional sports. For better or worse, the video and the story are out there and have helped shed light on an issue that all too often gets swept under the rug. Too many victims of domestic violence live in denial. Hopefully the very public nature of this (probably not isolated) event will help her get the help she and her child need before it leads to where so many DV cases do these days.


Also, LOL on the flip-flops correspondent! Missed that the first time around (tiny phone screen).

Jeff Mariotte

"Flip-flops" seemed appropriate.

Melissa Harris-Perry is super-smart. I'd love to see Janay come out of all this with a higher profile (and a better income) than her husband; then again, I'd be happy to see him spend a long time in prison, which probably won't happen either. But she's in a position--should she feel inclined--to be an incredibly visible and respected voice for victims of domestic violence, and I hope she's thinking hard about how she wants to spend the rest of her life.


Me, too. Not just for herself, but for her child, too, because domestic violence doesn't only hurt the person who's getting hit.

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